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Welcome to B.A. Sameday Secure Courier.

white vanWe offer a secure time critical express delivery service nationwide, this is a door to door ASAP courier service, for when it needs to be there promptly, you get the same driver from collection to delivery so you know where your items are all the time. You might just need a ASAP rescue service for when things don't quite go to plan! (E.G. When things gets left behind, no more space on the lorry, it has to be there) From pallets, packets & boxes, laptops and luggage, we have the solution.

About our Business

We are a small family run business with a great belief in excellent customer service, where the customer comes first. We have over 30 years of experience of trucking, courier deliveries against the clock, plus a number of years transporting items as part of the first tier defense supply chain. We believe that the relationship between you and us should be treated more like a partnership, you call us and we'll make sure it happens, It will arrive there when needed. We try very hard to achieve this for you, so we can keep both our promise and yours to the customer.

You need your goods to arrive within the time window you promised your customer, with the same van and driver and the same condition as you loaded them. Not passed off to a different company not knowing where they are or sold on for the cheapest price on another van, trunker, car driver, bicycle etc., as some bigger carriers have been known to do. You get the same driver all the way from you to the delivery address so you know who's got it and where it is.

The service we offer.

  1. Our carrying capacity is 3 standard pallets or 4 euros pallets up to a max 1 Ton
  2. Our service is; ASAP Secure Courier, we aim for a delivery as soon after collection as possible on the U.K. Mainland. For really long distances deliveries are transported overnight (where possible), so your goods arrive as soon as possible on the following morning.
  3. Delivery times depend on the collection time, traffic and distances involved etc.  see RHA T&C's.
  4. Collections: when you call us we do our best to be at your collection address within the hour.

Sameday Express Service

This is an ASAP, door 2 door or person to person, secure courier service, we can deliver up to 1Ton non stop from Dorset to southern Scotland and almost anywhere else on the U.K. mainland. We aim for your items to be delivered within 12 hours from the time of blue vancollection subject to (T&C). If its well north of the border, it's likely a fair bit longer, this allows for weather, poor roads and traffic and other hold ups. Long haul travelling where possible is done at night, whether it's to lands end or John o' Groats. so we do our best to get your delivery there by start of business. We are only a phone call away, we can collect at a prearranged time or within an hour of your phone call.  delivery is ASAP after that or we can deliver and a prearranged time. You have the same driver from collection to delivery you can contact the driver should you need to and tracking is available. All loads are secure and insured.

DELIVERING FOR YOU if you have several items to several different places its not a problem for us, its a good way of saving money. same as collecting items we just make it happen. It's up to you to make sure the documentation is correct and they know we are coming to collect on your behalf. NOTE:  all loads are deemed as very urgent.


fork truckSameday Services

We only offer a secure express service, Scotland can be a sameday delivery if that's what you need. Service to most of the UK and southern Scotland, We offer this delivery service for weights up to 1Ton, on a door to door, person to person basis from Dorset to Scotland. All times are subject to (T&C). Unlike most if not all the main carriers who offer a 2 or 3 day service to Scotland and then it has to be trans-shipped.

Collecting from you & Collecting on route

Sprinter vanWhen we collect from you, we expect to be with you within an hour of your call. Alternatively on route collections, we can do a single collection or multiple collections along the way, we can cover that as well. We can make a delivery and collection at the same time. You just have to make sure the documentation is correct and the collection address knows we're coming. NOTE: EBAY SELLERS all deliveries come with a minimum charge. 

Our Special Service to:-
Isle of Skye
South Wales

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